KATRIBU is the progressive party of the indigenous peoples of the Philippines.  In the coming May 2013 elections, KATRIBU is making a bid to represent indigenous peoples as a partylist in Congress. Besides fighting for the rights of indigenous peoples, KATRIBU upholds the rights of the Moro peoples, and all impoverished and oppressed people in Philippine society.  

Who comprise KATRIBU?

Indigenous people themselves make up KATRIBU.  Indigenous peoples account for 15% of the Philippine population.  They include:

  • The Isneg, Itneg or Tinggian, Southern Tinggian, Kalinga, Eastern Bontok, Bontok, Northern Kankanaey, Kankanaey, Ibaloy, Kalanguya, Ayangan, Tuwali, and other Cordillera peoples, including the Bago, all of whom are collectively known as Igorot;
  • The Ivatan, Itawes, Malaweg, Gaddang, Ilongot, Bugkalot, Yogad, and similar peoples of Northern Luzon;
  • The Aeta, Agta, Alta, Arta, Dumagat, Sinauna, and similar peoples of Northern, Central, and Southern Luzon;
  • The Hanunuo, Alangan, Gubatnon, Iraya, Buhid, Bangon, Tadyawan, and other peoples of Mindoro who are collectively known as Mangyan;
  • The Agutaynen, Batak, Cuyanin, Molbog, Palaw'an, Tagbanwa, Tau't Batu, and similar peoples of Palawan;
  • The Ati, Akeanon, Pan-ayanon, Jalawodnon, and other peoples of Panay who are collectively known as Tumandok; also the Atta and similar peoples of other parts of the Visayas;
  • The Ata-Manobo, Manobo, Higaonon, B'laan, T’boli, Bagobo, Ubo, Mamanwa, Mandaya, Mansaka, Tagakaolo, Teduray, Subanen, and other peoples of Mindanao who are collectively known as Lumad.

The indigenous peoples of the Philippines are distinguished from the mainstream of Filipino society, and from the Moro peoples, by their pre-Hispanic, non-Islamic cultures and social structures, their traditional relationship with nature, and their strong ties to ancestral land.  Their ancestral lands provide food, water, other life-sustaining resources, minerals, and various environmental services.  Their rich cultures are a source of pride in the Filipino heritage.  But their properties and territories are being usurped.  They have been discriminated against.  They are marginalized from politics and governance.

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KATRIBU Partylist National Headquarters

Telefax No: (+63 2) 412-5340

KATRIBU Partylist Cordillera Region
2nd Floor, #55 Ferguson Road, Baguio City, Philippines
Tel. No. (+63 74) 304 4239
Fax No. (+63 74) 443-7159

KATRIBU Partylist Mindanao
13 Francisco St., Juna Subd., Matina, Davao City, Philippines
Tel. No. (+63 82) 299-4964