WEAVING OUR UNITY to stop the attacks against the indigenous peoples


Weaving our unity to stop the attacks against the national minorities

A protest quilt-making campaign in support of the national minorities’ struggle for their collective rights against the fascist US-Duterte

How to join?

Know about the national minorities situation, participate in or hold your own forum or discussion group.

Express your solidarity, be upfront. Design your own cloth, be creative.

Prepare your 2x2 feet cloth. Any cloth will do.

Bring your cloth on July 21: Weaving our Unity: a gathering on the true state of the Bangsamoro and Indigenous Peoples.

Join us as we stitch them up on July 21. You may also submit your cloth at the SANDUGO Office (#879 EDSA)

The quilt will later on be used in outdoor activities, use water-resistant materials/ink.